Here are 8 reasons why selling your home now might be the right time: Why someone in Oklahoma would want to sell their home fast today.

  1. Low interest rates: Interest rates historically are still relatively low, making home buying attractive for buyers to lock in their mortgage rate. Low interest rates can drive the number of buyers looking for a home upwards, driving demand for properties and potentially leading to higher home values.
  2. Inventory shortages: In many areas and sub-markets, there can be a limited supply of available houses for sale, which would create a seller’s market, thus leading to a higher demand for your property, a lower days on market (DOM), and potentially driving the prices for homes higher. 
  3. Home price appreciation: Historically, real estate is one of the few asset classes that increase as time goes on. If you’ve owned your home for a longer period of time there’s a chance you have more equity in your home, tagged with a growing market you could seen significant gains if you sold your home today.
  4. Changing personal circumstances: Personal circumstances play into whether you sell your home or not, such as a job relocation, growing family, personal preferences or retirement age, selling your property might be the right time to accommodate your new lifestyle or financial needs. If you need to sell your house fast in Oklahoma City or anywhere in Oklahoma then call for a fair and quick offer on your home! They can also help assist you with your move.
  5. Strong economy: Oftentimes a strong economy has immense liquidity in the market therefore a high level of consumer confidence and job security. These dynamics are favorable and can lead to a surplus of the number of buyers in your area .
  6. Tax benefits: If you’ve lived in your home the last two out of five years the IRS says you’re eligible for a tax exclusion on capital gains when you sell your primary residence. There’s a cap to the capital gains so be sure to consult your CPA.
  7. Desirable location and property features: If your property is located in a growing and desirable area or has features that are desirable, such as newer counters, flooring, appliances or energy-efficient systems, it may attract more buyers and an increased sale price.
  8. Starting your own business: It’s not uncommon for people to sell their homes or obtain a home equity line of credit (HELOC) at your local bank to help start your newly created business. A good place to start is creating a website or using printing and marketing materials to get your first few sales!
Free Home Offer allows sellers to dictate when they want to move out of their house. They will buy any home in any condition including homes that have caught on fire and non-owner occupied.

A single family home in Yukon, OK.