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Wow, this has been an amazing summer so far. The Grandison has been busy with weddings. We range from small and intimate, to dance tent on the front lawn get your groove on weddings. They don’t let me select the music at these events, but that is mostly due to my eclectic tastes in music. I don’t have any set genre that I listen to, or play.

Be sure and check out our weddings page for a glimpse of why we are your affordable downtown OKC wedding destination.

I came across some photos of past weddings I’m going to be working on scanning and updating to the website soon. I’ve also been experimenting in the kitchen again, and might be tweaking the in room dinner menu again. I noticed all of our sides are potato potato potato. So all things being equal, it needs more potato. I found an AMAZING potato casserole recipe. Stay tuned for more updates.

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