An Innkeepers Hours

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an innkeeper?

I’d like to share a bit about the very rewarding life that comes from being an innkeeper. I’m using my mother as the example here, as she is… the innkeeper.
She has a very giving, very humble, serving heart. Her greatest gift is that of giving you exactly what you need to feel relaxed, at peace, joyful, and loved. I have always wanted to be like my mother in that regard. I admire those traits about her greatly.
She works very long hours in the wee morningtime to make sure your stay is perfect. From baking all the yummy treats you enjoy in our butler’s pantry, to writing out special deals for your next stay, to being a full time grandma, and a full time mother at the same time. She manages the housekeepers, looks up recipes, and answers e-mails until the late am’s.
I once asked her how she kept her “innkeepers” hours. And she explained it like this; “to me, my innkeepers hours are the guests who just lost their grandmother, and came to stay with us and sat down in the parlor and listened to a quartet practicing, and walked into the office to say how at peace they were at the Grandison. To me it’s the business person weary from travel that writes a note thanking us for the homemade cookies that took away the bite of homesickness. To me, it’s the family that comes through road weary, and tired from taking their kids all over the state and back, who write about “almost as good as a trip to grandma’s” in their journal. It’s the couple that comes back 8 years later and says ‘we got married 8 years ago and stayed in this room, and want to stay again and create more memories’. Those are my hours, and those are what I work for every night. “
If you have ever considered being an innkeeper, and making some memories like these of your own, you can drop her an e-mail. She would be excited to talk to you about the joy she experiences giving you a home away from home.

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