Acons abundant around the Inn


Who doesn’t love them; those adorable little “hats” that sometimes come off? They are cute shapes almost like an egg.

They are one of the first signs of fall, a favorite season for many and totally fascinating to everyone from a one year old to a 100 year old. Not to mention LOVED by squirrels and deer.

For the first time since we planted our Oak tree in front of the Inn, almost twenty years ago;  that now large Oak tree has BIG let’s say HUGE acorns. The biggest we have ever seen!

You simply must come and see for yourself!  You can even gather a few, maybe as a remembrance of The Grandison, or to use them for your fall decorations, or plant them! You can do so many things with them!  Leave them “all natural” or feed them to your squirrels and deer.

Come visit and take a little piece of The Grandison with you.

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