The Butler’s Pantry

In historic homes, you will often find a Butler’s Pantry. This space was often used for quick preparation of appetizers or drinks and provide storage for linens the fancy china that was used for special occasions. It was a helpful “second space” between the kitchen and dining room that allowed for staging of multi-course meals.

At the Grandison, our Butler’s Pantry is located on the second floor, providing an area for guests to pick up a light breakfast, a chilled drink from the fridge, or some popcorn for their movie. Claudia goes to great lengths to ensure that there is always a variety of sodas, yogurts, snacks, and fresh fruit salads so that our guests feel all the more at home (and usually some just-out-of-the-oven cookies!).

While we don’t often see butler’s pantries in modern home design, I think they could be really fun! So go ahead and dream…what would you keep in your butler’s pantry?

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