Crazy Travel Stories

Greetings again Grandison fans,

I apologize that it has taken me so long to keep things updated on the facebook, twitter, and blog fronts. I won’t make excuses, even though I REALLY REALLY want to.
We want to hear from you about your recent and not-so-recent travel stories. What happened on that cross country trip last year that you really liked? What went horribly wrong in the middle of things and how did you overcome it? What sites did you see? what would you like to see again?
We will feature some of your stories in our upcoming posts.

One thought on “Crazy Travel Stories

  1. Oklahoma weather can be such a silly and fickle entity. For example this year (2010) we have had a series of climate shifts wreaking havoc across the state.

    We had a couple come in from California this week for a convention in Downtown, OKC. They showed up in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals to a lovely 85 degree day with a slight wind.

    Yesterday they had to go shopping to buy socks, pants, and jackets because the weather decided that Winter was NOT over, and 45 degrees with a crazy wind was perfectly acceptable as a pattern shift.

    So, the couple goes to the store, buys clothing for cold weather and comes back ready to face colder weather again. The kicker? Yeah, 70 degrees today!

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