Oh my Goodness, who turned on the heat

Is it too early to be this hot out there or what? I was grilling dinner for some guests today, and figured that I did not have to turn the gas on, I could have grilled with residual heat. Which reminds me, I grill an AMAZING steak. You should come stay with us and get the in room dinner.

Anyways, back to the heat. I’ve decided it is a very good thing that we have tickets to White Water Bay, and Frontier City on sale for only $20 each. Both parks offer bundles of fun. White Water of course is all water park and slides, but Frontier City has water rides as well.
Did anyone ever find out who Stella was? We know! Stella’s is a restaurant here in Midtown, and it smells AMAZING. Speaking of dining options, we recently visited Rand MacNelly’s pub around the corner and really enjoy the atmosphere and food.
Caleb reports that the breads at Thunder Prairie Bakery have stolen his heart. He loves them.
We are still seeking out hole in the wall, and lesser known eateries to explore. If you have any ideas, or would like us to check out a restaurant for your, drop us an e-mail.
How do you like fresh veggies? I know we love them! We were recently surprised to find that there is a farmers market at Saint Anthony’s Hospital right across the street. It is very well attended, and we have buying some of the most amazing tasting hydroponic grown tomatoes. They really do taste like tomatoes. You should check them out every Friday. If that isn’t your thing, the Grandison Garden is growing well. If it doesn’t get too hot, we will have homegrown corn, okra, green beans, tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeños, and fresh mint! If all goes well, we will have plenty to share.
Hope you see you soon!

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