A New Bed for Divine Providence

   After months and months of looking, we finally got the perfect bed for the Divine Providence room. When shopping we realized how different getting a bed for the inn could be, compared to shopping for a bed for your home. When looking for a personal bed, you look for pretty, comfortable, stable and reasonable pricing. For the inn we felt the bed needed to have a WOW factor when guests enter the room. At home this isn't usually necessary because we don't typically entertain our neighbors and friends in our bedrooms. An inn bed needs to be comfy just like a personal bed, but trying to get something that will please most of our guests was also important. Unfortunately we can't please all of our guests as some like soft mattresses and others like harder more firm, and yet others like something in between. We opted for something in between the two extremes. 

   Thirdly: An inn bed must be stable, secure, and sturdy. Not that your average home bed lacks these features, but at home if there is a squeak or two it's not that big of a deal. In a bed and breakfast one squeak is too many. I have yet to personally try the new bed, but I'm looking forward to it. We think we have found the perfect bed that fits all of our requirements. That said, if you are interested in purchasing the old King Bed that was in Divine Providence, you can give us a call. 

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