The Heart of Oklahoma City

The beauty of having a home in the heart of Oklahoma City is it is just that: a home. A cozy,
welcoming, and relaxing environment where guests from all over the world can spend quality time.

One beautiful amenity The Grandison offers is the garden behind the residence. The garden contains
beautiful plants including “butterfly” plants, sunflowers, daisies, mango punch coreopsis, mums, and
daylilies. These add a beautiful and unique coloration to an already vibrant home. The “butterfly” plants,
for example, attract all kinds of butterflies for your viewing and enjoyment.

Amid the garden is a fountain whose trickling water brings a soothing sound to the hustle and
bustle of the city. There are chairs and tables around the garden so anyone can enjoy the view! Placed
conveniently through the variety of plants are stepping stones which form a trail toward the fountain so
you can be up close.

Some of the flowers are brought in for decoration but mostly are to be enjoyed outside
or from your bedroom. The rosemary is sometimes brought in for a touch of decoration on your
home-cooked meal like a steak to add color and flavor.

So come enjoy a little scenery when you book your next stay at the Grandison Inn!

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