Breakfast With A View

The sun peeks through large bay windows, stained glass accents cast colors on the tables that await their guests. Soft music plays in the background while the smells of breakfast begin to flow through.

Coffee is brewing, fresh fruit is being sliced, and buttery croissants are being baked. The elegant tables are already set, vintage silverware and antique dinnerware placed perfectly at each place setting.

Take a seat and watch the shadows through the branches of a Sycamore tree that has been growing for more than 100 years. Birds nest in it’s expansive branches while squirrels play below on it’s massive trunk.

Freshly brewed coffee and ice cold juices are poured for each guest to enjoy with a sweet cinnamon roll that already adorns their table. Quiet conversations start, silverware clatters against plates and birds as another beautiful breakfast begins.

Plates will soon be cleared and tables cleaned, but don’t rush away. Have another cup of coffee, let us refill your juice while you enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Can casual and elegant coexist in one atmosphere?

Come and enjoy a breakfast in our elegant dining room and see for yourself.

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