The Wedding Dress

A long table with foods that are almost too pretty to eat. A beautiful cake is the centerpiece of the room. Plates have been stacked, tables have been covered and glasses are all in a row. Every detail handled with expert care.

Family and friends begin to arrive, greeted by familiar faces. Chairs line the sides of a brick walkway, facing an iron railing, entwined in tulle and flowers. Waiting among the crowd is the nervous Groom and his reassuring Best Man.

Hidden away upstairs is a worried Bride, checking her make-up in the mirror of an antique armoire. A flowing white dress hangs against a golden hardwood background. A hurried Maid of Honor makes one last check, the bouquet was not forgotten.

Everyone to their places, they are about to begin. Soft music begins and the gathered crowd is now almost silent, except for the flash of cameras.

Bathed in colorful light from the skylight above, she is a picture of beauty. Watchful eyes fill with tears as she comes into view.

A whispered gasp is the only sound he can make.

A few words spoken, sparkling bands exchanged, now two hearts are one.

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