Summer in the Garden

“How Lovely Is The Silence Of Growing Things.”
-Evan Dicken

Our garden is growing! We love taking note of the expansion of green every few days. Our first yellow squash arrived last week. We had four very hungry caterpillars on the dill, which we settled into jars – three have emerged as gorgeous swallowtails and we are eagerly awaiting the other one. There’s something about summer in the garden that connects you with the magic of childhood; perhaps it’s seeing the world through eyes of wonder again.

Speaking of…I (Brie) had a moment of wonder last Sunday afternoon! As I was pulling out of the Grandison’s driveway, I noticed a dozen or so marigold plants, just lying haphazardly in the street. A few had already been run over by cars. I chuckle to think of it now, but in that moment I said out loud to myself, “This can’t happen!” I pulled around the corner, parked, and grabbed several grocery bags from my trunk, proceeding to fill them with the beautiful plants. They must have fallen off a garden truck, but it’s anyone’s guess! I quickly took them back to Claudia and shared the story. “Flowers from Heaven!” she said, and several of us worked quickly to find homes around the Inn for the serendipitous flowers. You’ll see them now gracing the porch and out with the vegetables in back.

We’d love to hear your summer garden wonders in the comments!

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