You’re Invited: Sunday on the Porch

Although barbershop quartet singing is usually associated with the United States, it’s origins are obscure – it may date from when American barbershops formed social and musical centers for men or it may refer to the British expression “barbers music” which was an extemporaneous performance by men waiting to be shaved. The emphasis is on close, carefully arranged harmony. The voice parts are tenor, lead, baritone, and bass. The commarderie with barbershoppers is amazing and they all love what they do.

The Vortex quartet was formed about May of 2018 during a typical Oklahoma tornado season, hence the name Vortex. They formed not only to continue the enjoyment of singing barbershop but also work toward competing with other quartets regionally and nationally and to provide entertainment for audiences of all kinds.

Come to our “Sunday on the Porch”, September 22 at 4:30 to see these guys do what they love to do and learn a little more about barbershop music and what these guys do for their day jobs. We’ll have old fashioned snacks to add to the fun!

1200 North Shartel Avenue, OKC
(405) 232-8778

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