A guest returned from dinner in the later evening hours recently and as he came through the front door you could hear him say – “This place just resonates the fall and winter season. The falling leaves, wood burning fireplace, whirling wind and the comfort of a cuddly blanket, hot apple cider, popcorn and cups of hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows.”

We have heard many descriptions of our wonderful Inn from our guests, but something about this just resonated with us.

It’s as though when you walk in, the House itself sort of wraps itself around you, like a quilt that grandma made. The warmth of the over 100-year-old Philippine mahogany woodwork, the inviting staircase with it’s beautiful bannister, and circular suspended stained glass just leading you upward.

As you look down on cherished, glowing chandeliers, your mind goes back to how it might have been almost 90 years ago as Miss Florence circled the hallway bidding goodnight to loved ones.

Suddenly you also feel wrapped warmly in the fuzzy, cozy quilt and life is good, memories are many and sleep comes quickly.

Feel and enjoy this and much more at The Grandison Inn….

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